Humans have needed to carry their belongings around for thousands of years, meaning that lovingly crafted bags have been around for millennia. Evidence of this can be seen in the prehistoric rock art in Australia, and the mummy of the Ice Man crossing the Tyrolean Alps.

Designs have not differed much since ancient times - as we see from the satchels carried by ancient Roman soldiers. These bags were made from goat’s hide and closely resembled the popular messenger bag of today. Italy’s fine artisans and leather-making traditions ensure it remains the heart of the fine handbag industry.

Moda Endrizzi – Inspired by Italian Immigrants

Early in the twenty-first century, Samuel Koza met his beautiful wife Jessica Mae in Minnesota. As entrepreneurs, the couple dreamed of establishing a business based on Italian fashion, but their first step was to build a successful beauty agency.

Their inspiration for the creation of their fine leather handbag collection was Samuel’s great grandparents Guido and Constantina Endrizzi. Coming from a village in North Eastern Trentino in Italy, the couple arrived in the United States in 1918, just over one hundred years before the launch of Moda Endrizzi.

“We launched our luxury handbag line carrying the Endrizzi name in 2021,” says Samuel Koza, founder of Moda Endrizzi. “Like my great grandparents, our purses are not only timeless and classic but represent hard work and the finest detail of the best handbag-making craftsmen in Florence, Italy.”

Bags That Suit Every Style and Occasion

Certain tiny details make the difference between a normal mass-circulation handbag and one crafted as a luxury brand. This attention to detail is where Moda Endrizzi has placed the most emphasis, ensuring that each bag style has exquisite features that are subtly displayed. Every bag is both functional, yet a work of extreme beauty.

Before a bag is even stitched together, attention is paid to the quality of the materials used. Italian calf leather is the first material required for the crafting of any luxury purse. The tradition of leather-making is so widespread in Italy that today’s most famous fashion houses – some examples are Prada, Ferragamo, and Gucci – were first launched as leather goods companies. Roberto Cavalli patented his invention of printing on leather in the 1970s.

Moda Endrizzi has three gorgeous purse styles incorporating the finest leather and stitching. The hardware – gold, silver, nickel, and palladium plating are chosen by the designer to match the bag style. All together these bags are finished to offer their users years of superb performance.

Introducing three luxury bag designs

The Jessica Mae Tote Bag is more than just a minimalist bag. Trendy and chic, this bag is designed for the woman on the go. Its detachable crossbody straps, magnetic locks, top zipper, removable zippered pouch, and metal feet make it an extremely safe and functional luxury purse. The bag's functionality includes its spacious interior, allowing its owner the space to carry most laptop sizes in them.

Endrizzi Tote Bag in Black "Jessica Mae"

For ladies preferring the less formal look, the Ragazza hobo leather handbag is simple, stylish, and elegant. Shoulder straps, soft calf leather, a zippered divider, an inside pocket, and a gorgeous tassel with the Moda Endrizzi hardware make this a popular bag.  

The timeless elegance of a clutch bag is undeniable. Moda Endrizzi’s Dolcetto or “little sweet one” is a clutch that doubles as a crossover purse. The bag’s features include a magnetic locked flapped, zippered pockets, and the beautiful finishing of its fine Florentine creator. This is the ideal purse for those women needing a purse to take them from a day at the office to an evening out, or from a shopping spree to a dinner date.

Handbags remain in demand

Even though we live in an industrialized world, the value of carrying a beautiful bag made in Italy remains as strong now as ever before. Despite the huge demand for bespoke bags like the Hermés Birkin, consumers continue to remain interested in other brands of beautiful hand-crafted luxury bags produced by companies like Coach, Kate Spade, and Moda Endrizzi. As long as we need to carry our belongings around, every woman’s wish list will include a bag that incorporates a love for design and craftsmanship. Since mass-produced bags just don’t make the grade, women continue to adore beautiful Italian bags.

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