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The recent launch of Moda Endrizzi’s range of beautifully crafted luxury leather handbags is set to cause quite a stir among those looking for the perfect tote or purse. Moda Endrizzi continues the timeless and classic elegance inspired by the Italian name of the owner’s great grandparents who came over from Italy over a century ago.  

Based in Minneapolis, Minnesota, the family-owned leather bag company is committed to meeting the highest standards in luxury goods. This entails the use of the finest premium calf leather for the crafting of each bag design before it is shipped out to its new owner.

Matching some of the best standards on the market, each bag is finished off with the finest hardware on the market in gold, palladium, nickel, or silver plated. These bags are crafted to provide years of beauty and performance. Made by Florentine artists, each bag is finished off with extreme attention paid to every final detail. 

Introducing Moda Endrizzi’s Bags

Three beautiful designs make it extremely difficult to choose between them. These are the Dolcetto, the Jessica Mae Tote, or the Ragazza Hobo Bag.

The Dolcetto, or little sweet one, is a versatile purse meant for every occasion. It can be used as a crossover bag or clutch purse. That means it looks just as nice with an evening outfit, on a dinner date, or even for daily use.

The Jessica Mae is a tote bag named after one of the founders of Moda Endrizzi. Finished to stand out, the bag features a contrasting red interior, making it the preferred choice for women in the corporate world. This bag fits most laptop sizes and has a main compartment that seals with a double set of magnetic locks. Every detail of this fine bag is well-thought-out, including the detachable fabric pouch with zipper and the metal feet protecting it from dirty surfaces.  

A utility bag as beautiful as the Ragazza is hard to find. The bag is built to adapt its shape to the body of its owner, and it features a spacious interior with zippered dividers, cotton twill lining, and a phone pocket.

Moda Endrizzi bags are both trendy and classic thanks to their minimalist design and colors. Crafted to match the lifestyle of today’s women, their colors include black, tan, cream, and nude, making them easy to match with every outfit and occasion.

Unboxing an Endrizzi bag offers the same thrill as opening any of the other trendy brands like Michael Kors, Coach, or Kate Spade. The beautiful packaging exudes luxury, and as the bag spills out, its proud owner is met with the luxurious touch of Moda Endrizzi tassel, seam work, and hardware.

Samuel and Jessica Mae Koza, owners of Moda Endrizzi, decided to produce leather handbags that are both subtle and exquisite, and they most certainly achieved this with their current luxury purse styles.

“In 2021, we decided it was time to bring the Endrizzi name into our luxury handbag line. Like my great-grandparents, our products are timeless and classic. These bags represent hard work and meticulous detail.” - Samuel Koza/Founder Moda Endrizzi.

A beautiful Italian tale

The Endrizzi name stems from Italy, where Samuel Koza’s great grandparents were born. The two Italian immigrants, Guido and Constantina Endrizzi, arrived from their village called Cavedago to Ellis Island, New York, in 1918. They moved to the Midwest where they raised their nine children. Amabile (Mable) Endrizzi, one of the nine children, married Thomas J. Klinker with whom she had four children.

Samuel Koza’s mother, Constance, moved to Chicago in the 1950s where she met and married Joseph Koza. Soon after the birth of their only child, Samuel, the family moved from Chicago to Minnesota. This is where he met the beautiful Jessica Mae. After their wedding, the two entrepreneurs started WarPaint International Beauty Agency but shared a mutual love of Italian fashion. Today, just 12 years later, their dream becomes a reality.

Outstanding Italian design is what Moda Endrizzi stands for. These luxury leather handbags are set to make everyone sit up and take notice. They are exceptionally beautiful, and practical, allowing their owner to exhibit the best Florentine craftsmanship.

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