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Handbags and purses have been coveted accessories in female fashion for generations. A close contender for attention is this category is definitely shoes. If you have to choose a path and you couldn't go back... what would you focus on? Handbags or shoes? Some people have impressive collections in both these categories, filing closets, and display cabinets - adding new pieces all the time. Searching for relics...

We applaud you. 

Handbag collection in a closet

How are luxury handbags made?

One question that comes up all the time is "how are luxury handbags made?". You'll find a lot of different answers out there, including some sharp opinions. We can talk you through some basics and how Endrizzi Handbags are made in this article. So let's lay out the basics. 

Handbag body

Nearly all handbags are made by cutting out leather fabric into five sections. From a design perspective, this is the pattern foundation, though some designers or brands will break this pattern with fashion-forward designs. These sections. once cut, will make up the front and back as well as the sides and the bottom of the handbag.

Most manufacturers will pin the sides of the handbag together, and sew each side together. If the bag is made in Italy or other European locations in Spain or France, this process will be done piece by piece - by hand. Yes, by hand.  Leather, by nature of being from living things, is a thicker type of fabric, so it is important to sew it together slowly. In some cases, because a handbag is made up of more than three layers of leather fabric, a manufacturer will use balance wheels, instead of a regular sewing machine, to sew it together.

The bottom will serve as the foundation as the front, back, and sides are sewn to it. Then the sides, front, and back are sewn together. The initial process is finished by clipping the excess leather from the sides of the handbag or purse.

Handbag strap

Depending on the style of the handbag, there are many different ways to put the strap on. Usually, a manufacturer will cut out two long pieces of leather fabric for the strap, generally from the same fabric as the rest of the handbag. The two leather pieces will be folded over one another and sewn together, then sewn to each side of the handbag or to metal rings attached to the bag. This is a common method for the design of a classic hobo bag

Handbag hardware and accessories

Accessories or pattern pieces on a handbag may consist of any sort of pattern or fabric that the brand defines as characteristic of their bags. First, the leather or fabric pieces are cut out of the given textile. After the pattern pieces are cut out, they are clamped onto the handbag for sewing - pins will ruin the exterior of the leather. Zippers would finally be attached across the top of the handbag. Any excess threading is removed.


Handbag hardware - Zamak alloy

In the luxury bag market, one will find many beautiful hardware designs. Chances are that most of them Zamak alloy. The name zamak is an acronym of the German names for the metals of which the alloys are composed: Zink (zinc), AluminiumMagnesium and Kupfer (copper). The New Jersey Zinc Company developed zamak alloys in 1929. Zamak avoid the 'zinc pest' issue by the use of 99.99% pure zinc metal. Zamak can be electroplated, wet painted, and chromate conversion coated well. Some luxury brand will gold or platinum plate zamak alloy.  

How Endrizzi Hobo Bags Are Made

Moda Endrizzi is no exception to these handbag building processes. Our products are made in Florence, Italy where a standard for design and quality has been for many generations. Endrizzi handbags use zamak alloy hardware in gold plated or platinum plated finishes.

Watch the video below for an overview of how the Endrizzi 'Ragazza' Hobo bag is made. 

Made in Italy

The 'Made in Italy" slogan is something we all look for in our luxury goods. You might be aware that not all Italian products are 100% made in Italy. Just like all organic products are not 100% derived from organic ingredients - rather they meet legal criteria to use the phrase for marketing. You can do your own research in this category, but one thing to keep in mind is that unless your handbag or leather belt or accessory is 100% made in Italy - it's not Italian-made.

Endrizzi handbags are Italian-made. 

The Devil In The Details of Luxury Handbags

Luxury branding is often associated with those minor details that catch our eye. The devil in the details often refers to hidden elements that offer subtle exquisite features.

At Endrizzi, we prefer to adopt the earlier idiom of this phrase "God Is In The Details" , expressing the idea that if we are going to produce a handbag, we shall do it thoroughly and beautifully. After all, there's nothing sinful about owning an Endrizzi :-)


Even for those that are fashion-inept, carrying a designer handbag from one of the top brands has a special feeling to it. Perhaps you pull it out only on special occasions to further enhance its personal appeal. 

You can look closely at the pieces of the bag and realize that every stitch is hand-done and the quality is such that the bag last a lifetime. True luxury handbags are handmade by craftsman - experts in their craft of leather and fabric working. The look and feel of this product are conceived by designers and creative minds that generating ideas for these master craftsman to perfect.

You might be used to hiring your favorite salon stylist or on-demand beauty specialist for your wedding day. Have you ever chosen the "Master" level over the average stylist or artist price level? Common sense would tell us that their experience and product at the end of the day is superior and attention to detail has been a priority. The same ideal goes for many goods, especially luxury goods and leather handbags. You get what you pay for. 


You can hold an Endrizzi handbag in your hand, and a mass-produced luxury brand knock-off or even a mass-market bag for a corporate chain of stores and you'll feel the difference. If its brand new, stick your face in it and breathe deeply... you'll smell the difference. It's not hard to discern these variations. The leather used is often of the finest quality cow skin. Again, metal accents are often plated with gold, palladium or other metals over a corrosion-resistant alloy. 

Endrizzi Dolcetto Crossbody bag


There are not many material good that increase in value over time. Certainly not automobiles except in rare cases with exotic luxury limited runs that have collector value. Luxury designer handbags, however, are one of the exceptions to the rule. 

It's very common to see classic designs from legacy brands resell for more on the secondary market. Their brand has built the demand and value for a properly kept leather handbag. For some collectors, their massive holdings stand as a safety net, or a nest egg even, for retirement years down the road. If you have the right pieces, its like having an original Honus Wagner or Babe Ruth rookie card in your baseball card collection. 

Handbags, honestly, may even be a better investment than gold , increasing in value at a rapid rate because of the deep demand for these luxury goods that do not fluctuate on the commodity market. 


Since many luxury handbags are in fact handmade, it is not possible for production to move to a factory line of mass-product pieces. The demand for designer handbags has been fairly high since the inception of leather goods. We can thank American icons like John Wayne and Marilyn Monroe for making brands such as Gucci so popular in the United States during the mid 1900s. 

The age-old economic concept of supply and demand factors heavily in skyrocketing prices. Demand is so high in some cases people will stay on waitlists for years, paying the price up front until their handbag is ready for shipment.

If you have a collection of luxury handbags, it’s important to understand their value and they quality related to those specific pieces. Also, if they have increased in value over time, you may well have an investment that justifies the price you paid.

Oh for the love of handbags!


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