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Welcome to the world of Moda Endrizzi. We're a family-owned leather handbag company based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Our products are crafted in Florence, Italy from high-quality, premium calf leather.

If our products are out of stock, it means that your purchase is being made in Italy at this moment. You may still place your order. We'll email you with a timeline for shipping to your address.

God Is In The Details

Luxury branding is often associated with those minor details that catch our eye. The devil in the details often refers to hidden elements that offer subtle exquisite features.

At Endrizzi, we prefer to adopt the earlier idiom of this phrase "God Is In The Details" , expressing the idea that if we are going to produce a handbag, we shall do it thoroughly and beautifully.

Tote Bag

The "Jessica Mae"

The Jessica Mae (named after an Endrizzi Founder) is part of our core line of products. It's a minimalist, chic and trendy, tote-style handbag that is built for power females. It features a contrasting red interior which makes this handbag stand out from the crowd. The Jessica Mae is both trendy and classic - an easy choice for everyday use and a busy lifestyle.

Made In Italy

Our products are crafted in Florence, Italy. Our handbags are made from soft, Italian calf leather and meet the highest standards in luxury goods.

The hardware is gold, palladium, nickel or silver plated offering many years of performance.

Really, really nice...

I was the first person to purchase and Endrizzi bag. I got the Dolcetto cross body bag and it is really, really nice. It has a zippered top and magnetic flap that closes over the bag. Its fits just about everything I need for an evening out. It's my new go-to bag and I love it!

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