All styles are reciprocal. Case in point: the crossbody bag (aka the bumbag, fanny pack, or road man bag - when thinking male accessories). The crossbody bag was a fixture of '90s style. It has since been worn largely by tourists and style apathetic types. Its' comeback however has entered the high-fashion realm. Socialites, celebrities and consumers alike are loving their crossbody bags!

 Model Jen Halverson wearing her cream Endrizzi Vivace

Crossbody Bag Style

The crossbody bag was first deemed a cool accessory by streetwear fanatics, but has now managed the transition into less trend-obsessed wardrobes, too. Cross-body bags are a timeless accessory that compliment an array of outfits. You can pair your cross-body bag with different coats, shirts, and dresses to form different outfits. Think about like your favorite pair of jeans that you buy in various washes; this one style can be applied to nearly every day of your life. 

These handbags can be really fun when you experiment with different bag positions and strap lengths to create different looks. For those that love creativity and having options to express their style, the crossbody is the way to go. 

Did you know... The hobo got its name from a culture near the end of the 19th century. The name was adopted from plain workers that lived a rather basic life; wandering and traveling were an everyday struggle. Today, such labels for human class are something we strive to evolve from but the reference to the functionality of the bag this culture carried by their side lives on. Many people are not aware of its history, but it is that history that signifies the wearability and functionality of the hobo bag. 

How To Wear Your Vivace Convertible Bag

One way to make your bag super-functional is to choose a convertible crossbody (or hybrid) handbag. Crossbody bags with chain straps work really well for this, as they don’t completely cover your shirt or jacket underneath. If you want a cohesive look or a bit of class, this is the way to go! 

The Endrizzi Vivace is a trendy crossbody bag that can also become a hobo bag. Yes! A hobo bag... this bag features a convertible chain strap. 

Wear it as a hobo bag

In the below photo, Jen is wearing her Endrizzi cream Vivace as a hobo bag. Notice the strap is pulled up into a double chain. The soft calf leather shoulder straps make this a comfortable mini-hobo bag that naturally forms to the fit of your body. 

Now, the Vivace is a hybrid crossbody bag that serves as a hobo. You can see the Endrizzi Rigazza, which is a classic Italian-style hobo bag here. 

Model Jen Halversen wearing Endrizzi Vivace crossbody bag as a hobo bag

Wear it as a crossbody bag

In the next photo below, Jen is wearing her same Endrizzi cream Vivace as a crossbody bag. Just let the double chain drop to the end and this spectacular becomes a full crossbody bag that hangs around your waist (depending on your height). In this example Jen is wearing a cream top and white pants in Miami (classic Miami style!). But imagine this bag on blue, green, red or orange!

Model Jen Halversen wearing her cream Vivace as a crossbody bag

The meaning of Vivace

The word "Vivace", in Italy, means vivacious and lively! Trendy and sophisticated with its contemporary design, vibrant leather materials, and gunmetal finishes, the Vivace makes an instant fashion statement about its carrier.

Vivace functionality

The flap of the bag secured by a magnetic lock opens two compartments.  The main compartment with a large zippered pocket and two utility open pockets.  There is a smaller second compartment for your handy or personal items. The Vivace also features a cotton twill lining.  

Like all Endrizzi handbags, the Vivace crossbody bag is a fine luxury handbag. Made in Florence, Italy with soft Italian calf leather and is available in a limited range of colors. 

Jessica Mae of WarPaint International wearing her black Endrizzi Vivace crossbody bag
Jessica shows us her black Vivace

Why wear a crossbody bag? 

So, wearing a crossbody bag is both stylish and practical. There are so many combinations and ideas that make this accessory a staple in your wardrobe.  However, wearing this bag with formal outfits requires a little more thought. If you need a bag for a pretty night out on the town you may want to dive into your classy handbag options to fit the bill. You don't want to accidentally make your chic gown look casual just by wearing the wrong bag.

That being said, we've thought about that scenario with the silver Vivace. Typically for a night on the town, you'll want to keep things small and classy. If you love your crossbody bag though and want to carry a little bit more, consider adding some sparkle! This glittery bag will add some glitz to your glam! 

The silver Endrizzi Vivace crossbody bag

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