About Endrizzi

Classic, beautiful and refined, Endrizzi brings a modern approach to curiously simple designs. Rooted in tradition, flirting with eclectic - Endrizzi products represent Italian craftsmanship, quality and detail. Our manufacturing partners work with brands such as Tom Ford, Jean Paul Gaultier, Halm Dubai, John Hardy, Cortiglia, Make Up Forever and other boutique European brands.

Learn more about how the Endrizzi name influenced our handbag line.

The Beginning

Guido & Constantina Endrizzi

My Great Grandparents. Guido and Constantina Endrizzi were born in a village named Cavedago, North Eastern Trentino - Alto Adige. In 1918, they immigrated into the United States by way of Ellis Island, New York. They made their way to the midwest where they began to raise their children, Victor, Enrico, Geudo, Carosora, Martin, Anna, Marino, Rosie, and my grandmother - Amabile.

1st Generation

Amabile Endrizzi

My Grandmother. This large, Roman Catholic Italian-American family was raised primarily in Milwuaukee, Wisconsin. Of the nine children that Guido and Constantina had one of them (Amabile) eventually married Thomas J. Klinker. Now using her American name, Mable, she and Thomas would eventually give birth to four children of their own.

2nd Generation

Constance Klinker

My Mother. Of the four children that Thomas and Amabile had, one of them would become my mother - Constance. My mother and her family moved to Chicago, Illinois when she was at a very young age in the 1950's. In the early 1970's Constance married Joseph Koza in Chicago, Illinois.

3rd Generation

Samuel & Jessica Mae Koza

Our Story. In 1974, Joseph and Constance Koza had one child; me. I was born in Chicago and moved with my family to Minnesota in the early 1980s. I met my wife Jessica Mae in 2009. Jessica and I are entrepreneurs; we went on to create WarPaint International Beauty Agency. But even during that time frame we had laid in bed at night dreaming of Italian fashion. Perhaps it runs in the blood... Twelve years later it becomes a reality.

Moda Endrizzi

In 2021, we decided to bring the Endrizzi name into our luxury hand bag line. Like my great grandparents, our products are timeless and classic and represent hard work and meticulous detail.

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