Best Handbag For Tropical Vacations

On any average day, your purse or handbag has a job to do. It has to hold your keys, phone, makeup, wallet and odds and ends. All of this while still being fashionable.

But how does your choice of handbag differ if you are traveling? What is the best handbag option if you're traveling to a tropical destination on a Caribbean vacation? You will probably bring a beach bag or a large canvas tote bag for your towels, beach accessories, sunglasses, lotions, and other items. A bag that inherently can get sand in it or the ocean on it without getting ruined. 

But most Caribbean vacations include a nice little resort where you spend all of your time enjoying being pampered, dining at multiple restaurants and participating in evening activities in the property's entertainment areas. So what is the best handbag for all of that?

Borsetta 2-Zipper Purse

Recently, Nancy took a little vacation to Negril, Jamaica and she traveled with the Endrizzi Borsetta 2-zipper purse to see how it handled a few different outfit changes and daily essentials. 

Nancy Stoltz with her Endrizzi Borsetta 2-zipper bag in orange in Jamaica 


The Endrizzi Borsetta is the perfect crossbody bag to travel to Jamaica with because of its size and versatility. This cute purse is actually two bags in one... and thanks to the quick snap button on the side of the purse, the Borsetta divides into a single crossbody bag and a second clutch with a wristlet!

Are you traveling with a friend? If so, this small handbag can be shared for an evening and works well for a coordinated outfit theme. #Twinning!


The Borsetta is comfortable to carry. It's a compact design but spacious due to the two separate compartments (unless you're sharing...). One of the compartments also features an inner zippered pocket for extra security of things like a key or an important item that you don't want shuffling around and potentially falling out. 

This Endrizzi crossbody bag features gold-plated metal zippers, zipper pulls, and hardware as well as an adjustable leather crossbody strap. It has a cotton twill lining and offers some pizzazz and flash! At just 8.5 inches wide, the Endrizzi Borsetta is a functional purse that is easy to bring along. 


The Borsetta is available in 3 colors - nude, mustard and orange. All three of these fun colors are currently trending in modern dress, but Nancy selected the orange one to compliment her Caribbean attitude. Just look at these fun outfits!

The Borsetta paired well with jeans and this flowy top, bringing out its flowery splash of orange color in the shirt's pattern. The burnt orange/brown hat also was a great compliment that completed the outfit with gold toned shoes. A great outfit for during the day or local shopping.

A Caribbean outfit with the orange Endrizzi Borsetta purse
For any easy transition into the evening's activities, Nancy wore this comfortable Caribbean dress with a subtle splash of pink/orange hues in the dress pattern. The orange Borsetta crossbody stayed to complete the look. 
Nancy Stoltz in her Caribbean dress and Endrizzi Borsetta purse
Endrizzi Borsetta handbag in Negril, Jamaica

What's in Nancy's Handbag in Jamaica? 

When relaxing on a resort, one doesn't need too much, but the essentials are key. So what did Nancy pack in her Endrizzi Borsetta while in Jamaica? Only the most important things that a girl may need...
  • iPhone
  • a pair of readers
  • a couple of credit cards
  • some cash
  • lip liner & lip gloss

What's in Nancy's purse in Jamaica?

Typically when resorting... you only bring a few outfits because you don't have to go too far for anything at all. Chances are that most of your days may be filled with the beach, the pool or maybe even some relaxing spa services. So don't overpack! 

Finding those few key pieces that can round out any outfit and match the style that you are going for will make your vacation outfits fun and super simple. In this case, Nancy wanted a Jamaican vibe for day and night. 

So while there are many handbag options out there that can fulfill your Caribbean vacation needs, the orange Endrizzi Borsetta managed to rise to all of the occasions for Nancy in Negril this winter. Here are just a couple more outfits that fit the bill. 

Endrizzi Borsetta handbag at the beach in Negril

Endrizzi handbag with Caribbean outfit

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